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Seattle male looking for female into bbc

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Mark, Plymouth Although not a Plymouthian by birth, I now have the pleasure of living around such people and hearing them converse with one another. The inot 'buhy' can still be heard when addressing a 'boy.

Mike Simms - Ottery St. I used to hear this a lot in the 60's when I started in dental practice in Exeter and wondered what my patients were doing with a snake in their mouth! DOUG from Hampshire I don't know why, but this morning I was checking out a word my wife uses to describe something smoking a lot like bacon or wood. The word is smeeching. So I looked it up on Seattle male looking for female into bbc and found your site.

It's probably old English. Also the word bint is arabic for girl and was probably imported into England by sailors who had visited foreign ports in exotic parts or maybe the other way round. David James - ex Torquay biey my grandfather from Dartmouth always greeted me by saying "ello mackeral"!

Anyone know the origin of this? Geoff Dorking My daughter was attending a talk Seattle male looking for female into bbc dialects, and the the lecturer came upon the Devon term "Dreckly" Directlyand attempted to describe its use, and came up with the description, "It's rather like 'manyanha', but not quite so urgent.

Kate, Paignton I've been told many times that the Devon accent sounds like a pirate's dialect!? Rob, Totnes My mother-in-law says when the weather is A guy that wants to forget his exgirlfriend for drying clothes, "There's a good dryth".

I thought this was limited to N. Devon until I heard an elderly woman in South Brent S. Devon say zactly the zame! Steve Manning - Marwood mornin' u Seattle male looking for female into bbc. I remember a young buy i goed to school wiv who drashed eezelv jus vor a laaf.

I never zee'd any other buyy who could pull 'ees shoulder out of its socket and then drash Seattle male looking for female into bbc bugger back iin jus; by wackin eezselv up against the wall. Ee be called Richard and were a propper bleddy dimwit. Ee uzed to kick up when ee's tea went samzoey cooled off and you shoould ev zeed ees vit size, was like bleddy boats twas! Miss the bugger mind, ee flitted of to work overseas.

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Will be proper if he comed back mind. The wood sorrel in my memory is also sour and really good with cheddar. Linda Rowland Nottingham My Nan used to warn "don't stir that cabbage hard, you'll have it all of a jowder".

No drowth, meant too wet to dry washing, and chooty pigs or grammer sows for woodlice.

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I was a little heller up the back, or a limb of Satan when naughty. She was Millbrook born and bred. Were they a variety of mal Nor' Debben North Devon!! Dave South Hams Thirt: Not upright or plumb. Door linings and threshold.

Hole in Devon bank to drain water from a road.

Seattle male looking for female into bbc I Am Wanting Real Sex Dating

Also pebble dash or roughcast. White angular quartz stones.

Feed gangway in shippon. Slate stone roadway laid on edge. Where I used to live in South Hams the accent is also on the decline. For me the most authentic Devonian accent, if such a thing exists is found in the countryside of mid devon or west dartmoor.

As a lifelong Devonian i would consider the plymothian accent to be something different entirely and dare i say it more cornish??? Chris, Hong Kong Usn used to ate zowergrabs in vields wen us waz thursty affer scrumpin or michin, and got chazed by steers; but trubble waz Seattle male looking for female into bbc waz cuvered vit cukoo spit, but twas luverly!

Ed from Instow I also know an old boy from Woolfardisworthy near Clovelly, who after hearing a story or a joke always says "daiy main it?

Seattle male looking for female into bbc

He's now known as daymainit. Ed from Instow Our old farm labourer used to come out with some classics: Wer be gwain where are you goingWhat be dwain what are you doing. The most memorable quote he ever said to Seattle male looking for female into bbc and my mates returning from a surf was "if i've ever zeed dree bags'v Seattle male looking for female into bbc, they'm stood yer right een vront'v me".

Classic, rest in peace Keith. Steve - Birmingham, ex Paignton It still suprises me when people 'up country' don't understand the simple expression - 'Where to? Also what about pet names.

For example my Dad, a Plymouthian always says 'Me Luvver' and if you say that to someone not from the area esp to another man people think it's a bit odd. Jane - Glastonbury don't know if it counts as a devon word but my grandfather from somerset calls foreigners meaning anyone not local 'grockles'. Debbie Harris- Cullompton i love the old dialect, i love listening to it and i will do everything to make sure not all of it dissapears!!!

Eleanor from Scotland Where abouts in Devon do you think that the local accent is disappearing and where are you likely to hear a traditional Devon accent? Martin Girls wanting sex in Dc tx, Forest of Dean, Glos.

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I'm interested in bracken. Here in the Forest of Dean it's just called fern, and there's a lot of it. There's a local tradition of couples using 'fern tickets' when they need privacy. Am I right in thinking this is a name still used in Devon as well? Jo,Exeter Yerrrrrrr right means i agree. Who said English people all talk "posh"!

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My ol' Dad had a number of sayings which I've only ever heard in Devon. Ted Hewlett, British Columbia, Canada I think what follows is my last contribution mald memories of my grandmother's Devon sayings in dialect, heard via my father. I don't remember being told any more. Apparently a villager living by himself had--like others in the same situation-- acquired the habit of conversing with himself.

Seattle male looking for female into bbc ror was Farmer Gammin a name that I have discovered was in truth found in my grandmother's village.

Wanting Real Sex Seattle male looking for female into bbc

He was apparently overheard addressing himself thus just before sitting down Nude rensselaer women. Swinging. a meal: Do 'ee help yourzel'. Don 'ee rise up hungry. Mlae dont know what its origin is, but I dont think it's particularly Devon.

As far as i know. Hudson, Yeoford "Spadger" for sparrow is a word a friend Seattle male looking for female into bbc Devon connections uses. It is also found in Kipling's Stalky and Co. Is it a Devon dialect word? Peter Amesbury Does anyone know what the word "goyle" means? It was used in ther Farmers' Weekly in a description a wooded goyle. When another gang of boys pulled your "den" down, you'd complain that they'd bocked it.

Internet dating has become the dominant form for those seeking romance - it's the among heterosexual users in New York, Boston, Chicago and Seattle. When men aimed at women who were rated as more desirable than. If you're a nervous flyer then look away now. Around 45 minutes into Flight from Seattle to Beijing, first-class passenger Joseph Daniel. Photos: Washington Huskies men's basketball fall to Oregon Ducks VIEW Taking a good, hard look at what gets tossed out in school lunchrooms VIEW Seattle Art Museum opens new exhibition, 'Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer' VIEW . This Seattle woman trekked 8, miles in 8 months to hit a major hiking.

John - Japan Us bei go'in downe towne, me dear! Bei proper job like, me dear!

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Us com frome High Bickington way, me dear! Trevor James from Tavistock Here's a saying you don't hear today: And how about "rantacket of a catchpenny" meaning a rip off. Phil Tonkins Hi John two things i remember my grandfather saying to me were: Another I've remembered while writing this,is to scammel in the brimmels ,meaning to fall or trip over into the brambles.

Toni, Plymouth I think the problem with finding true devon words and sayings is that going to school in devonport in the 70's and 80's we had a lot of children from naval families who were from elsewhere, but we used to use 'mitching off', and we used to get 'done' for it!

We used to play 'Urkey' hide and seek. Is 'you gert lummock' a devon saying? And lost the habit myself. Jan ex- Okehampton now Florida; I hope you're wrong about the Calling all Austria lovers and aos members Lundun accent; I live here, and it's awful to hear! James Parr This is not so much a sying. You wont notice you say it unitl you meet someone from outsie of Devon.

Anyway, when we ask were someone is going we always say "Where you going to" I dont know why but we add to onto the Seattle male looking for female into bbc, normally would just be where you going. This is evident in Jamelia's new song, 'see it in a boys eyes.

It i co writtn Seattle male looking for female into bbc Chris Martyn, who is from Devon. A line in the song goes "Wanna know where your going to".

Rural communities were always isolated and so these words and phrases 'stuck' They will fade as TV spreads the ubiquitous SarfLundun accent nationwide. More parrr to thee elbo, boi!

Jan ex- Okehampton now Florida Wendy W.