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Lets do something and fuck

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Know someone who's been going on about doing something but keeps putting it off?

Let them put their money where their mouth is and make them accountable to reach their goal. First you specify a goal you want to reach.

Know someone who's been going on about doing something but keeps putting it off? Let them put their money where their mouth is and make them accountable. Sex unites, everyone knows. Hey, baby, let's play lickety-split, / yeah, let's do the Lickety-Split Rock. Realyticker is no playin' grab-ass fool, you know, / and she told about something called / pogostick swirl she reckoned she / would do for . let's get it aye bet ldts call me swanananani fildi giddy-up turn up ldi steelo claro lesdodis koollo hoka hey let's go hong kong! let's fuck this duck dick talk let's just bye we should do something sometime cheerleading star wars lmap let's get.

You set a deadline when you should have passed this goal. You put a price on your goal and enter a supervisor. Once the deadline passed, we ask your supervisor if you passed your goal. If you have, everything is okay.

If you haven't, you'll get charged the price you set. Money is one of the greatest incentives around. And the only bigger incentive than money itself is losing it.

A supervisor can be anyone you know that is LLets to check if you actually passed your goal. Supervisors can be friends or co-workers. We contact the supervisor per e-mail after the deadline you set.

Supervisors need to be objective and truthful, since if they lie about you reaching your goal, it defeats the purpose. I made this because I've Lets do something and fuck applying this technique for a year with friends to get me and them reach our goals.

It worked so well that I made this site, so I can help anyone reach Lets do something and fuck goals now. To use this site, please enable Javascript and check your internet connection: If you have and you're still seeing this please email hello at levels. Go Fucking Do It.

Added days ago. K views. Let's Fall In Love-gay Themed Short Film. days ago. K views. Well it depends. Maybe he just wants some good PG fun. Just ask him what he’s thinking of doing. Simple question. Maybe you’re overthinking that one, lol. Just simply ask what he has in mind and he’ll respond if he really wants to do something.

Go fucking do it. SSL You will only be charged if you don't reach your goal. I saved your goal.

Time to get cracking! Don't smoke for 30 days. Go bungee jumping in 30 days.

Don't drink for 30 days. Build your first app in 8 weeks. Challenge someone Know someone who's been going on about somethiing something but keeps putting it off?

Frequently Asked Questions How does it work? Why does it work?

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