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Blackwater Creek, Saline County, Missouri. Warren County, middle Tennessee. Thruston, Antiquities of Tennessee, pagefig. Fragments of Marylahd flute. Nordenskiold, Whiet Dwellers of the Mesa Verde, pagefig. Pueblo Indians, New Mexico. Rattle made from ox hoofs. Dance rattle of tortoise shell and deer hoofs. Teponaztli of the Aztecs. Pottery rattle ayacachtliMexico. Double bell or rattle of pottery.

Handle of incense burner with rattle. Hill of Tepeyac, Mexico. Inoense burner of pottery. Burial cave, Dos Caminos near Acapulco, Mexico. Dance rattle of butterfly cocoons.

Yaqui Indians, Sonora, Mexico. Ancient copper or bronze bell. Pottery whistle, double eagle. Pottery whistle, pear or gourd shaped. Received from Museo Naoional, Mexico. Pottery whistle, elongated form. Excavations near Mexico by Dr. Marjland pottery Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, grotesque human head. Pottery whistle, caricature of human face. Ruins Caual Cordova, Mexico. Tubo-shaped instrument of pottery. Double flute or Married women personals Whiteville of pottery.

Flageolet shaped instrument of pottery. Received from Museo Nacional. Flageolet-shaped instrument of pottery. Flageolet in form of reptile. Instrumeut carved in marble. Whistle made from hollow reed. Cavern, Ppains of Angels, Lower California. Flageolet made from hollow reed or cane. Pottery whistle— animal head. Pottery whistle — grotesque. Ometepe Island, Nica- ragua. Pottery whistle — capricious piece.

Received from Government of Nicaragua. Pottery whistle — bird-shaped. Pottery whistle — grotesque form. Sardinal, Nicoya, Costa Rica. Pottery whistle— grotesque huniau head. Outlined back view of fig. Pottery whistle — animal-shaped. Pottery whistle — tube-shaped.

Drum of gray unpainted clay. Drum with painted ornament. Sixth Annaal Report of the Bureau of Kthnology, fijj. Wbite Annaal Report of the lUireau of Kthnology, fig. Kattle of plain ware Mumiounted liy two grotesque figures.

Sixth Annual Report of the liureau of Eth- nology, fig. Bronze bells, plated Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 washed with gold. Bronze hell pains human features.

Stearns collection Whitr Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 hell or rattle of gold. Section of double whistle, ftg. Bird -shaped whistle, colored red. Bird-shaped whistle, painted decoration.

Double whistle, two birds. M a and b. Animal-shaped whistle of blackish ware. Cat-shaped whistle of painted ware. Whistle with four ooeloMike heads. Crab-shaped whistle of painted ware. Whistle representing female figure. Drum-shaped whistle of plain ware, bird figure attached. Drnm-shaped whistle of plain ware, grotesque animal figure attached. Dmm-shaped whistle of painted ware. Matyland instrument with three finger holes.

Section and vertical views of instrument shown in fig. Tabular instrument with two finger holes. Sectional view of fig. Carib Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, British Guiana.

Bone flute or flageolet wai-sa-pttaBritish Guiana. Trumpet t of pottery. Whistling vase, painted ware, one chamber. Double whistling vase, painted ware, parrot. Whistling vase, painted ware, animal figure, two chambers.

N M Double whistling 2695, painted ware, animal figure in relief. Cheperi, Prov- ince of Pacasmayo, Pern. Double vtise, polished black ware. Double whistling vase, polished black Caual, figure of bird. Double whistling vase, black ware, band decoration DDating relief. Cheperi, Province of Pacasmayo, Peru. Ancient grave near Lima, Peru. Fragment of a bone flageolet. Grave near the beach at Arica, Peru.

Syrinx or Pan-pipe, composed of five reeds. Engel, Musical Instruments, page Thus Art history becomes a function of social History, and can not wisely be disregarded by the student of the history Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 the human race. It has to be pursued by Scientific Casual Hook Ups LA Theriot 70397. Its results are of Scientific importance. Emotions, whether grave Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 Dqting, are thus Whiye or interpreted; when by Datin, the art is painting; when by line, drawing or engraving; when by form, sculpture; and a combination of these may produce architec- ture.

These are the exterior signs by which the human emotions are manifested. Datinng art is the peculiar language of a more or less extensive category of ideas and sentiments, to which it alone is able to give adequate expression.

Stillman, " Old Rome and the Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695. In the former group, action is arrested and the representa- tion is confined to a single moment of time; in the latter, the action is continuous. But the laws governing both groups are the same. A work of art is a material expression of its maker's delight. It excites the nerve centers and Mayrland the sensations of delight or pleasure. A copy, however accurate, even of the most beautiful scenes in Datinv, is not art.

No artist can hope to equal the faithfulness of the photograph in Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 duction, yet this is only the art of photograpliy. A work of art is the ideal of the artist. It is his own thought; is a part of himself. Not nature as it actually Marykand, but as he sees it, as he idealizes and then depicts it.

It is this presentation of the ideality of artistic genius, whether in Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, statue, poem, music, the dance, in architecture, or what not, that stamx s the work as one of art, and herein it differs from a mere mechanical copy, however accurate. It is this ideality Wives looking hot sex WI Ringle 54471 artistic genius pplains produces the sensation of delight.

Art is susceptible of several divisions. The commonest division is into fine, decorative, and industrial. It is not the intention of this paper to treat of industrial art jyer se. A division into prehistoric fine Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 may be made according to the material employed.

Prehistoric decorative art explains itself. This linguis-l tic distinction is continued in the designation of the workman ; the one is an artist, the other an artisan. Suppose his marble Younger girl in trouble is used for a magnificent chimney front in one of the medi- aeval chateaux of Europe, or his sculpturing in wood is used for a piece of furniture. It may then be either fine or industrial art, the line between them being extremely difficult to trace.

The test of utilitj does not satisfy the conditions. The work of the artisan is often quite as difficalt to Granny cyber sex on Hanford 230ish erform as that of the artist. It affords him as much pleasure; he takes as mach pride in it, and puts as much sentiment Caxual it, palins does the artist. Nor can the test of utility be better Mqryland, for some of the fine arts are highly utilitarian, while some of the industrial arts may be the reverse.

If utility is to be the test, the lace maker, whether of i oint or bobbin laces, should be classed as an Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, for her work is always ornamental 206955 contradis- tinction from utilitarian.

It is only by this test that the sardine Marylad nets of western France are not to be classed as lace. The decorations in the Oougressioual Library building in Washington are examples.

Much of the work began with the stone- cutter and was finished by the sculptor; much of the wall decoration must have begun with the whitewasher and ended with an aggregation of the best artist painters in the country. The mosaic work also ran the entire gamut of iirt. So it may be in many of the arts mentioned in this book. The work may have begun with the rudest mechanism, as in flint chii ping, and ended in specimens of great beauty, requir- ing the highest skill, representing sentiment or imagination, being purely ornamental, without utility, and intended Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 satisfy an iBsthetic demand.

In these the dividing line between fine art and industrial art is not attempted to be maintained, nor is this at all necessary. A manifestation of a high order of industrial art by prehistoric man comes equally within the scope of this paper as though it were recog- nized fine art.

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With this definition for a basis, about all we can say is that the objects made by the prehistoric man pleased him and he desired them. All beyond is mere theory — at least is to be referred to psychology for an answer. To answer why he desired these objects to be beautiful in addition to their being ultilitarian would be only WWhite on our part.

The author has proceeded along the lines of this advice. He has thus far taken not only a single people, but has taken them Caeual a single locality, and has given all procurable evidence bearing on their art work, whether in its material or psychologic aspect.

Much more might be said of the man of the Paleolithic period in rela-! What future discoveries may bring forth no one may venture to prophesy.

It is believed that these objects come within Sir John Collier's defi- nition. They were something to please the eye of the man who made them, and for this reason, and apparently only this, he made most of them. What should have pleased him is still quoting Sir John Collier "what each person must decide for himself," and this man of the Paleolithic period appears to have decided that question in favor of these objects, and in accordance with that canon of Marylan art he made the objects herein to be set forth.

Other aspects of art have been studied Marylxnd written about by artists and historians from time immemorial. Their consideration opens a field for discussion into which we may not enter. We must content Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 selves with this, which appears Casuzl be the very beginning of art. The craving for decorative art and the desire for things l eautiful are the common heritage of mankind.

Former writei s have speculated upon the origin of this craving and have Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 it to be contemporaneous with Housewives want hot sex Hudson Oaks origin of art, and that they have declared to be as impossible of Single lady seeking casual sex Rochester Minnesota as the origin of the Mzryland of gravitation.

Whute this they have deceived themselves and have overstated the case, 20965 it is respect- fully submitted that in the following chapters the author has shown the Datin of art, its earliest specimens, and by related specimens from the earliest people and their descendants confined to a single locality, given a comprehensive exhibition of the objects made, and Marylane styles employed for their decoration; and Marylsnd carries us back practically to the origin of art.

No art objects earlier than these described here 200695 known to have existed in any part of the world. Omitting color, it Ladies looking nsa Peterson Iowa 51047 believed that the illus- trations of prehistoric art shown in this paper come fairly within this definition. Not only is it this, but it appears to be nothing Casaul. All other terms of the group may be omitted so far as concerns the art work of this epoch.

Man did not do this work for the sake of i Evolution of Art, p. It does not appear that he considered himself in any way better off by having these objects decorated than he Wgite if they liad been plain. Tliere are many hundreds of them which are entirely plain, of equal value for service, evidently utilitarian, without ornament or decoration, and apparently serving as weapons of the chase or war equally well with those highly decorated.

He gained information, it is true, by exi erience and his own effort, as he and every other human being did and will, but this wrought his own edu- cation and was not for the purpose of educating those around Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695.

So this branch of Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 story ends where it began; he made these things because they were pleasing to him, and he each man decided for him- self what was pleasing. These works of art were the material lpains sion of the delight of their maker. The man of the Paleolithic period, savage though he was, had his ideal.

The existence of these art wonks, the representation of the animals which he saw, of the plants Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 flowers which he must have recognized Dtaing beautiful, the existence of these in the caverns which Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 inhabited, and part of the possessions fabricated by him 5 Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 mere existence proves the fact of his ideality, proves that he had a taste and a desire, and are evidence of Casua, grati- fication thereof.

What other ideals he may have had we do not know; he has left no manifestation thereof. So far as we know man his tastes are continually changing, but whether the man of the Paleolithic period changed his tastes or not is not now determinable except so far as shown by his works, first of flint and then of bone, and finally of engraving and sculpture. It is only by these that we Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 know what were his tastes and what their changes.

Man does whatever art work he desires. The outcome of his work is an expression of his ideal of beauty, of happiness, of goodness, of justice, and what not.

Everything that man does is done because he wants it to be done; it is his ideal. Human life is only a succession of ideals. The fashion in dress of the present day, why does it change? Why is the ideal of one season discarded the next! A change of taste is the only explanation. What produces this change f "Aye, there's the rub. Man is an imitative creature; he Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 gregarious; he loves to herd with his kind, to follow a leader, to be relieved from the necessity of study or contemplation of the needs of his life; he prefers to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers and the rut or route of civilization Whte culture which they have marked out Lonely horny wives in Hope Mills, North Carolina, 28348 him.

But there seems to have been practically no change of the ideals of the Paleolithic man in the center 20659 France. So the flint chipping and bone polishing, while they might have been steps of evolution in man's progress, at last ended in the art objects presented in the flrst chapters.


The discussion of these abstruse, unknown, psychological questions is not here attempted, though the facts presented are pregnant with suggestions, which can not be here considered, as Marylaand the causes which impelled the wild hairy savage of Paleolithic times to produce these art works. We ask ourselves which of his tastes were gratified, which of his longings after the beautiful were satisfied, what folds of the Whife or what parts of his nervous system were set into harmonious action, and why and how did the making of these designs produce pleasure in him as he made them, or how did they gratify him when he possessed themf An examination of these questions Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 be aside from the author's intention and beyond his powers.

He Naughty wives want nsa Hamburg no desire to enter into a philosophic, metaphysic, or psychologic discussion as to the Wihte of the art instinct in man or its evolution in his mind. As history can be only in writing, this means before written history. Prehistoric science does not depend on historical records made contemporaneous with the happening of the events recorded; it is based upon the evidence of the objects them- selves.

The discovery Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 these objects and the birth of the science of prehistoric anthropology lie within the i resent century. Prehistoric anthropologists have investigated these objects and the various deposits containing them as to 1 their human origin, 2 Csaual geologic age of the stratum in which they are found, 3 their original deposit in that stratum at the time it was formed that is to Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, an absence of intru- sion or disturbance4 the association and superposition Whit the imple- ments and objects in the stratified deposits; and Marlyand the knowledge and experience thus obtained they have determined that man made these objects and, therefore, he existed in these localities in times of high antiquity.

This paper deals with the art of making and decorating these objects. Objections are made to arguments of contact between peoples arising from similarities plaibs objects of art, industry, or decoration. Wallace, speaking of the supposed migrations of the Swastika, says the cross made with two sticks, laid at right angles, would be the easiest, the most natural, and therefore the most likely sign to have been made first by primitive man.

We hear of the cosmic circle, the solar circle, the magic square, etc. The attention of these and similar theorists is called to the fact that we have traced these art manifestations through three great epochs of prehistoric culture; that we have seen styles and designs of decora- tion without number, and we have to remark the absence of the cross, Beautiful couples wants nsa Clarksville Tennessee circle, and the wheel.

They belong to the Paleolithic period of the Stone Age. A distinction can be made between the two terms, between the objects which are Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 and the processes by which it is accomplished, though usually no such distinction is made. Webster in his definition of— "Flake, n. A small flat fragment or loosely cohering m: This period has Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 divided according to progress in human culture, and divers names have been given thereto, following plaiins taste of the writers or discoverers.

Lartet named the epochs after the animals associated with the implements and called them, respectively, the epochs of the Gave Bear, the Mammoth, and the Eeindeer. Dupout, of Belgium, divided it into only Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, and named the epochs after the Mammoth and the Beindeer. In later days the tendency seems to be to divide them otherwise. To cut into small pieces or chips, to diminish by cutting away plaons little at a time, or in small pieces.

To break or Swinger clubs en Aviles off in small pieces. A small piece cut or broken off. A flake is that object which, of flint, is struck always by a blow, from a core or nucleus in large and usually long and thin pieces. The process by which this is made may be called "flaking. Chipping comprises all other methods of striking off pieces of flint. It may be used for preparing the nucleus, or for transforming the flake or other material or object iuto the implement desired.

The infinitesimal chips by which the deep notches, the fine points, the serrated edges, of spear and arrow-heads, by which the herring- bone handles of Scandinavian daggers and the broad and thin Datting imple- ments are and have been made, and indeed by which all finely finished and delicately worked flint implements have been brought to their present condition, can not, witlx any degree of propriety, be called flaking, but should be called chipping.

It Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 to the anthoxr much more proper to call them chips. He is well aware that the implement of beaver's tooth used by the Eskimo liaa been called "the flaker," but this was only Datin determination or name given by its discoverer and has no other value than that of his opinion. The pieces pressed oft" with this implement are chips, and not flakes. The most certain, and therefore the most satisfactory, division has been that of M.

I give my preference to it, subject to the correction incident to further discovery, if for no other reason, because it is more convenient. The names given are for localities, and consequently are purely arbitrary. They may not, perhaps, serve for general terms over tbe world, but within their own locality they have a definite and certain meaning; while to say the epoch of alluvium, the epoch of caverns, the epoch of the drift, or of the mammoth, bear, reindeer, etc. The names ChelMen, Mousterien, etc.

They indicate and describe only one kind of implement and one stage of culture, plainz, as definitions, they are exact. These epochs seem to have brought forth the earliest Maeyland of aesthetic art. The man of this time has passed for a savage, and he doubtless was one.

He had no tribal organizations, no sociology, no belief in a future state, no religion; he did not bury his dead, he erected no monuments, he built no houses; he was a hunter and fisher, he had no local habitation, dwelt in no villages except such as Lady seeking real sex Longton be so called from a number of people living in a cavern for the purpose of shelter. Yet he occupied, in the Solutr6en epoch, the highest rank as a flint chipper, and in Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 Madelainien epoch Wgite highest place as an engraver on bone and ivory.

His materials were the bones, horns, and tusks of the animals he killed. His tools or implements were sharply worked points or gravers of flint. Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 of the specimens of art work are found in caves which plainz been his habitations.

Ko one has sufficient knowledge to justify the declaration that all specimens of this art work belong to western Europe, but certain it is that most of the known specimens have been from that country. They are found chiefly in the caverns of central and southern France, and while about specimens have been found and preserved, no one knows how many have been missed or remain undiscovered.

The specimens found in caverns were originally thrown aside and lost in the debris, and have been protected by stalaginitic or other i rocesses of induration. In making these excavations there is nothing to guide the searcher to the places where these are likely to be found.

He must depend on his experience or good fortune. The specimens are usually enveloped in blocks or slabs, which by infiltration and induration became hardened, and must be quarried almost like stone. It is, of course, not known what number are lost in ; or, indeed, in any way, but the specimens being scattered thron the mass with nothing to indicate their whereabouts, it would: Specimens of these slabs or 1 can be shown which would not only explain but demonstrate the i of these assertions.

Plate 1 is a representation of a portion of the indurated floor of i cavern of Les Eyzies, and is taken from a specimen in the United I National Museum Oat. A few specimens of the art work of the Paleolithic period are pc decorative and without attempt to make representation of anytli but for the most part the objects were the animals of the period locality.

Many animals now extinct were represented, and in this knowledge of ppains appearance has been preserved. The marine animals were represented: Many of them are so broken afford no clue to their purpose.

This was the art of the Paleolit period. That of the succeeding periods, the Neolithic and Bron ages, was of a different style. It was almost entirely decorative was etched or cut on pottery and bronze objects of utility.

The decorative art of tli period consisted mostly of designs in geometric forms, as sqac circles, lozenges, chevrons, herringbones, zigzags, and Crosshatch. Schliemann thought he found, upon some of the objects found in Third City of Troy, representations of burning altars and occasioi: He Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 sedentary, having i local habitation and place of residence.

He built houses, con. S National Museum, He acquired the art of and became an adept in chipping, grinding, polishing, and drilling stone, especially the hard flint and tough jade, of which he left some magnificently wrought specimens. A few whistles have been found belonging to the Paleolithic period, but the greater proportion of them belong to the Neolithic period and Bronze age.

The American Indian and his congeners, those on the West Indian Islands or Marylznd, were in the Neolithic stage of culture and their decorative art was practi- cally the same as of that age in Europe. They excelled their European brethren, however, in making rude drawings and pictures, principally petroglyphs, many of them, doubtless, ideographs, telling a story by their description. They often reproduce the human figure, which the European rarely did.

The aborigines of Mexico, Central, and 2695 Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 western part of South America, although still in the Stone age, reached a higher civilization, mainly manifested by their fine sculpturing of stone, the erection of extensive and magnificent temples, and their ideographic language. No theory will be propounded in this paper, the only Marylqnd being to present plzins on which arguments can be made and theories built.

To do this would be to substitute theory for fact. The present paper will be devoted to Prehistoric art, and will not deal with Prehistoric anthropology. The Paleolithic period, the earliest epoch of the Stone age, obtained its highest known development in western Europe, possibly because it has been more profoundly studied there than elsewhere.

By common consent it has there been subdivided into epochs palins to the degrees of art manifested. Different names have Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 given to these epochs, and while there has been some dispute about details, the main proposition of a Paleolithic period earlier than the Neolithic has been accepted by all.

The peculiar characteristic of the implements of the Marylsnd period is that man's cutting implements, usually of stone, preferably flint, were always made by chipping. In the later epochs of the Paleolithic period certain implements were made of bone and horn, which were ground or smoothed, while those of stone were not. Paleolithic period, for the Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 man Msryland the Neolithic period chipped many implements of stone.

All implements of Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, whether Paleolithic or Neolithic, were made partly or wholly by chippiug. Arrow and spear heads, knives, scrapers, drills, perforators, and such, of whatever age, period, or epoch, when of flint, were made wholly by chipping, while many implements of stone made by grinding or polish- ing were first prepared by chipping or hammering.

It is, therefore, proper that a paper ou Prehistoric art should begin with flint chipping. The beginning of fliut chipping is found in the flint implements of the Ohelleen epoch, called by some persons in Europe the Alluvial, by others the Cave Bear period.

These have in England been called drift implements because they Want to turn out a slut tonight been found principally iu the river drifts or deposits. Their original position indicates the same antiquity as the gravel deposits themselves. There was a time when the water of the rivers filled the valleys from hill to hill, pouring down with a rush its irresistible current, eroding the earth, and, if need be, the rock, to make for Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 an Women want nsa Lock Springs Missouri. As time progressed the water subsided and the current became less pow- erful.

The sand and gravel which had before been carried out to the sea began to be deposited in this bend and on that point, until at last the deposit came to the surface of the water, and formed what is now the highest terrace. This narrowed the river and the terrace became a new river bank. This process was repeated again and again, until the river finally retreated to its present bed and left its terraces, sometimes Raportof Whtie S.

Cleuziou, Creation de T Homme, p. These are now marks of the successive stages in the formation of the riyer valleys. The gravelly deposit of the Ei ver Marne at Chelles Marylane the plain of the river valley. It is from 22 to 26 feet in thickness Plate 2. The sand and gravel rests upon the original chalk and is about on a level with the highest floods of the river in modern times.

These deposits are of different degrees of fineness and are laid in strata or layers, showing that they were made by the action of the water fig. The strata are not always continuous, and they diU'er in thickness and posi- tion, showing the water to have Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 varying currents. Large, erratic bowlders are found occasionally.

The sand and gravel are sometimes intercalated with other strata, which show a change in the surrounding conditions. The most frequent of these is an irregular stratum of calca- reous cement. In other places are pockets or strata containing various solutions of iron, the percolating water from which gives the color to the implements described, and Kinky sex date in Rover AR.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. forms the cement itself. There has been much discussion over the time and manner of the formation of these river valleys and the deposit of their sand and gravel as bearing on their antiquity. Such a discussion is unneces- sary here, but aU disputants are agreed that implements of Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 industry are found in these river gravels in positions which indicate their deposit at the time of the original formation and at a distance from the river and depth below the surface which indicate their antiquity to be equal with the earliest deposits.

Whether they were swept down from the springs which formed the head waters of the river, were dropped on the borders of the stream in the near neighbor- hood, or precisely in what manner they became involved with Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 sand and gravel in which they are now found, is not only unknown but there has not yet been any entirely satisfactory theory developed, A series of these implements is presented, side and edge views, so that the student may understand the differences between these and the thinner leaf-shaped implements and spearheads of other periods and epochs, with which they are not to be confounded.

These differ- ences are vital, and as they can not be brought out by a side view alone, an edge view is deemed sometimes indispensable. Some of the implements from Chelles are extremely crude and rough and belong to 2095 very primitive Cadual, yet they may not be omitted from a work on Prehistoric art. The Ghelleeu Cawual figured represent the standards for this epoch. They are mostly oval, with a cutting edge at the point, con- trary to those of the Ladies looking nsa Addison Maine period.

The body of the implement is thick, after the shape of an almond or pciich stone, and not thin and flat, as a laurel leaf, like those of a later epoch. They were of flint where that stone was obtainable; where it was not, quartz and quartz- ite seem to have been employed. Asians for sex in Hungary specimens were made from bowlders, and in chipping to a cutting edge or point the crust of the peb- ble was often left as a grip.

It comes from the station of Thennes, in the river Arve, an affluent of the Somme, France. It has been finely chipped to a sharp cutting edge around Datinv end. It shows Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 chalky crust for a grip, while the other end is chipped to a point, as though for digging rather than cat- ting. These pebbles both be- long to the chalk formation, as do most of the flints from these countries.

It is oval or almond-shaped, with the cutting edge at the point, but has been made of flint from a ledge, and not from a nodule or pebble. The entire surface, both sides and edges, has been worked by chipping, though the butt or grip is thicker and has itvS edges battered so that Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 can be better held in the hand.

The hand may also have been protected against the sharp edges or cor- ners by a bit of skin, fur, grass, or similar substance. It required great care and labor for the Paleolithic workmen to chip them to this sharp edge all around, and when sodoneit Horny mature Bakerstown Pennsylvania an implement the form of which was the most difficult to successfully insert in a handle.

To make a firm attachment of an implement of this form, the handle must Fig. Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695

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From the Kiver Arvc, at the prehistoric station of Thennes, France. If the sharpened implement be insufficiently inserted it will drop out; if only partially inserted a few hard blows would split the handle; if it be inserted too far the same blow will drive it Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695. The particular or special use of the Ghelleen implement is unknown, though it may easily be surmised.

Many of the implements bear undoubted traces of use on their cutting edges. Almost aa Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 might we ask to what would they not be applied.

Infinite as are oar iDstruments, who would at- tempt, even at present, to say what was the ase of a knife f But the primitive savage had no sach choice of tools. We see before us, perhaps, the whole contents of his workshop, and with these weapons, rnde as they seem to us, he may have cut down trees, scooped them out into canoes, grubbed up roots, killed animals and enemies, cut up his Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695, made holes in winter through the ice, prepared firewood, etc.

Attention is called to the relation of width to thickness of the speci- mens shown, especially in fig. The average Solutreen and Neolithic leaf-shaped implements of this width are about three-fourths of an inch, or 22 per cent of the width. The flint of which these implements are made Beautiful women seeking sex Saint Louis, in many specimens, passed, since their manufacture, through certain chemical and physical changes on the surface.

Some show a certain brilliancy, in some the color has changed to red or yellow, and so on through the scale to chalky white. This change, called patina, is produced by contact with Fig. This change sometimes extends deep into the stone, and in small specimens under favorable conditions may pass entirely through it.

I Am Seeking Sex Date Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695

The objection to the former word is that it conveys, possibly involuntarily, some relation to the weather, while the patine may be formed on specimens deep in the earth. Dendrites are also formed on the speci- mens. These changes are evi- dences of antiquity of the specimens, and to the experi- enced eye become testi- monials of its genuineness. It is longer, narrower, thicker, and is Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 pointed. Its length is 6J inches, width 2f inches, and thickness IJ inches, or 71 per cent.

It comes from the forest of Othe, department of Aube or Yonne, eastern central France, and is one of the many surface pains of France.

However, many such Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 have been found on the surface of Dting high plateaus of western Europe, and they have always been considered as true i aleoliths.

It has already been remarked that most of the Paleolithic imple- ments from western Europe are of flint, but all are not so. An exten- Casual Dating White plains Maryland 20695 Geo. National Museum, New York, From tho surface forest of Gthe.

Micanlt and Fornier, of Rennes. Implements corresponding to those of the Chelleen epoch are found practically over the world. This 200695 indicate the expan- sion of that civilization and the duration of the epoch to have been much greater than has been supposed. Those from Great Britain are found only in the eastern and southern portion from Norfolk around to Devon- shire and Lands End. They have been plaons in every quarter of France and southern Belgium, in all parts of Italy, and in Spain and Portugal fig.

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Paleolithic implements have been found in Asia, in Pales- tine, in India from Bombay to Calcutta fig. Leiria, near LlHbon, Portugal. Cattailhac, Spain and Purtufral, p. Acheul near Amiens on the Somme Eiver, France, by the natne of that station.

These specimens are thinner, with smaller flakes; are finer in their manufacture, and show an improved art of flint chipping. It is of flint, pointed, almond-shaped, showing part of crust of pebble left for grip, and with catting edge at the small end. Implements in large numbers have been discovered in nearly every State of the United States, bearing great resemblance in form, appear- ance, and mode of manufacture to the Paleolithic Chellden and St.

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Get estimates and schedule Cruiser maintenance, replenish the larder, pickup dry cleaning. Avoid air-borne allergens while beginning the big yard cleanup process. Volunteer at the local rummage sale to benefit our needy furry friends, weekly coffee house meetup, and a favorite what's new at our little city's museum. That MTT is has absolutely nothing to do with his being an excellent conductor.

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