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No garden or greenhouse. Even an intruder-sensitive guard dog aduult a strict community is iffy, and extensive travel makes this impractical. Plentiful cattle ranching in immediate vicinity. Shooting, knitting, gunsmithing, outdoor activities, entertaining, dining, travel, and surfing conservative Wannts news discussion sites. B left a big city in another state to avoid high income taxes, excessive government regulation, and an undesirable political and weather climate.

They are new to the preparedness mindset, and rather new to firearms, though quickly making up for lost time. They are delighted now to find themselves among kindred conservative souls, and have relaxed Sex in wroclaw a bit since leaving the tense hostility of a leftist city. One goal in a making the move was to preserve privacy to the maximum extent possible. They moved to the new state and rented a home while constructing their new home Washiington.

This gave them time to practice their privacy efforts, such as maintaining Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington Waahington not to use the residence address for ANY purpose it is quite a sacrifice for Girls Springfield wanting fun home-office professional not to have things overnighted to the doorstep! Both are required by their occupations to have a public presence and address, so office addresses and P.

Firearms are purchased through the classifieds or Taccoma gun shows, and large ammunition and gun parts orders are shipped to the shop of a nearby friend in the firearms Beautifu, paying with a money order that appears to be written by the Tafoma. The Bravos biggest disappointment in their privacy efforts was that there is no way to finance home construction and keep their name off the title practices Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington some states may differ.

This undercut Washingtpn of their privacy efforts, which they still continue. To provide asset protection against predatory lawsuits, their house will be transferred to an LLC with the help of a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Vehicles are also owned by LLCs Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington another state selected for its privacy policies, which deters Beaytiful lawsuits and unlawful government Ladies looking casual sex Hecker investigations that are not supported by a court order.

The vehicle LLC mailing address is at a friends house in a third state. What are the drawbacks to the region? Cost of real estate is expensive, especially as those fleeing West Coast cities increase demand. We were stunned at how much land costs in cowboy country if you want to be Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington an hour of an international airport. Who Sub women sought be joining you at your retreat if the balloon goes up?

We have no planned participants, but we have offered to a few out-of-state friends and family members that they would be welcome here if they could get here in a worst-case scenario.

We genuinely hope that we can encourage some of our new neighbors to adopt responsible plans, and have been building close contacts in the larger community. How long do you expect that it will be before order is restored? We hope for the best, and plan for the worst.

We do not even Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington wanta guess. What Wives seeking real sex Big Flats your Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington case scenario? Being without utilities for more than one winter, and needing to defend our county from unprepared refugees in the nearest city, and worse from adjoining states.

What personal Beajtiful have shaped your preparations, and how? We are a team on this, and are each motivated to do it right.

Neither one of us is dragging the other along. Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington both have learned while living in hostile territory that one can be targeted for ones political principles Washingtonn for ones personal success by leftist government, by qdult partisan media, and by dishonest individuals who can leverage both.

We are watching the increasing assaults on our civil liberties, property rights, gun rights, and national culture, and fear even worse. We assume that there will be a grave economic crisis as the Social Security system collapses, if not much sooner.

We feel a kindred spirit to our late ancestors who survived the Great Depression, and feel blessed that we can enjoy present luxuries without sacrificing future preparedness. What shortcomings does your retreat have that you would like Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington improve if you had the opportunity? We are not heat-prepared in a climate that sees winter Hot lady wants hot sex Joliet. Either we should provision uninstalled Bautiful heating panels and all the supplies needed to install them in conjunction with our gas-fueled radiant floor heating system, or at least have on hand a wood stove and supplies that can be installed after the Crunch begins.

The latter is probably more technically TTacoma. In any event, dry or wet installation tests should be conducted while the Home Depot is open, and consultants and mail order parts are available.

Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington I Look Sexy Chat

We also should acquire inverters and batteries to make our Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington generator usage efficient, and PV panels will be installed soon. We will also eventually investigate what kind of power backup our community well pump has, and propose robust upgrades to ensure extended water availability during power and fuel interruptions. Solar would be ideal.

What are your long term goals? To insure our survival against the worst case scenario. If that never occurs or until it does to retire from our work at a young enough Kevelaer sex cams to enjoy our favorite recreational activities.

In the short term we are developing our preparedness skills, especially with firearms. Bravo should be sure to follow through Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington their logistics plans. They should consider getting a propane conversion for one vehicle preferably their 4WDor perhaps buying a propane-powered municipal surplus vehicle.

They also need to make contingency plans for drawing, transporting, storing, and treating water from open sources. Marketing Web Designer and Homemaker. Various financial tools including stocks, CDs, savings and land. A small amount of gold coins, and a large amount of Leonard ND sex dating silver and new dollars.

Jeep CherokeeWwntsF pickup Battery includes but is not limited to Ithaca 20 ga. Not including miscellaneous ammo Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington air rifles, slingshots. Primary stock is 7.

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Root cellar in fieldstone basement of home. Shooting, canning, gardening, building metal-working, gunsmithing, reloading, reading, outdoor activities with the kids, hunting, astronomy. Both of us were born and raised in the northern reaches of the PRK. I even began and ran a small business there. We met in church and married 7 weeks later.

Due to predatory laws against small business in Kalifornia and very high taxeswe moved to Michigan new job. Once in Chicago inwe made a five-year plan to move back into a rural setting. That plan was hastened by a job elimination in Chicago which enabled us to realize our five-year plan in 10 months. Now we live in an area that has families in any given square mile and we are 10 times happier! I highly recommend a "return to the land" not just for body and soul, but to prepare oneself for a coming time when the automata of society is gonna, and we truly must again be self-reliant.

Excellent positioning for low nuclear fallout, clean aquifer edge of ice age glacier, a lot of sand without silt for filtering.

Rural area with a social barter system already Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington place, with a local community not Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington wolf". We are well off the road and completely hidden in summer, partially in winter.

This completely depends on the disaster or situation at hand. Months to many years. Having to leave this retreat during a disaster because of poor OPSECbeing "sold out", or otherwise compromised. I am also an amateur Constitutional scholar and have a clear understanding of the forces and times that shaped our country.

We both believe after much world travel that the social divide between the haves and have nots, and the current — and widening — divide between enforced law and morality will result in a social tear that will slowly and painfully mend.

We must fight that and continue to allow our children to live free, think freely, and come to rational conclusions about right and wrong—rather than enabling the moral relativism that is so widespread in our country today. Almost no solar currently. Our vehicles are gas Cherokee and Wrangler while we store diesel. We should convert one regularly used vehicle to a diesel power plant.

Our children can shoot hunt but have no tactical training. We have no SOPs currently for defense or patrol, should that become necessary. Live a wholesome life that best prepares us to cope with any problem set and provides our children the same skills.

Small suburb of a 1. VZ24 in 8mm Mauser with aperture sight Reload for 7. Both vehicles have a 3 day BOB to get home. One extra set of U. Vest kept in company van without firearm due to their communist company policies prohibiting firearms. Spare clothes boxes in both vehicles.

Will definitely do chickens, and am working on wife to go to goats. HOBBIES — Practical rifle applications, hunting, sidearm use for self-defense, running, weight lifting, mountain bikes, camping — self-reliance group folded. In-laws live within 10 minutes from home. Wife does not have a "warrior" mentality and has scoliosis, so her BOB is focused on light weight and self Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington only no rifle, magazines, or vest, just a G21 and Camelback Commander ruck.

EIC in bronze for pistol. I am non-denominational What does the Bible say? What denomination was Christ? Have worked as electrician apprentice and basic carpenter. Dabble in nylon gear with s Singer gear driven sewing machine. Wife is dyed in the wool mainline conservative denomination. We recently started riding bikes together.

Most profiles ignored PT, so trying to call attention to this! She is learning food canning from her Mom and helps her tend the garden. Well has Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington punched and water at 32 feet to 65 feet. Have parts for well torpedo, but not assembled yet. This aquifer used to supply the local hamlet via 5, gallon tanker during droughts. Best Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington could do with a wife that has stated "she would rather just be dead" than face post-nuclear life.

As much elbow room as Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington can afford. Being in the county allows me to have a range and to hunt deer on property. They are old enough for plenty of firewood though. The 1, acre wildlife area means Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington neighbors and more land to hunt. Long growing season, and rural enough to have decent game populations.

Maybe my Mom and her husband, my Dad if he gets out of the city in time. Obviously we need more robust food reserves for this many people, but it has been an uphill battle to get to where I am at. I have had to console myself with an inch of progress is an inch of progress. I see three generations before the US re-emerges as a respectable nation state, if it ever does. More likely is a European collection of smaller nation-states. The play money FRN cannot Woman want real sex Alburg Vermont to function indefinitely.

When will China call all our loans? China is also supposed to be on parity with us militarily by China and North Korea have threatened to nuke us, and then there is the good old moslem thing going on. The Islamo-fascists could collapse our teetering economy by applying C-4 to a few select refineries or power plants.

I think my generation will see the US knocked off our pedestal. Rome fell — why are we any different? See above — I will give credit where due — the wife is making progress, but there is a lot of damage to undue from my Y2K burst of initial preparations.

No family has awakened yet. Fortunately, a fairly recent friend got me to ditch the destructive business situation I was in so that we could resume our progress. He is prior service also Married wife looking sex tonight Kirkland jobs that gave him unique insight into the workings of the government prep for Y2K. According to him, it was not going to be pretty.

He is a very driven person in his reliance preps. I take that as a message! Get EMT certified or more. Need to get the weapons spares laid up, and get past boo-boo 1st aid supplies. Also need to get barter stocks put up — shoes wear out, clothes, Nyquil is quite nice to get you thru a cold, no pampers without petroleum refining, etc.

He should at least carry a 6 or Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington C Cell MagLite flashlight, a half dozen road flares think that through, folks—who wants to come face to face with Bbw in need of a nice pounding lit road flare!

They should also stock up on heirloom open pollinated gardening seed—available through The Ark Institute. They Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington need much more fuel storage at their nascent retreat. Underground fuel storage is best for both safety and shelf life. Strong local church family. While we are very close to our blood family — our ties and relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters in our church family is far stronger than that to our blood family outside our marriage.

Siblings and parents in Arizona and two eastern states. A compliment of appropriate long guns in. Compliment of 12 gauge shotguns. Compliment of appropriate pistols in Multiple weapons in each caliber. Various traps for animal trapping if need be. If the balloon went up our diet would be immediately supplemented by birds, squirrels, deer and other wildlife.

Solar chargers for rechargeable batteries for the other radios. Water filters capable of filtering thousands Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington gallons Burns KS cheating wives water from our creek. Structure is currently heated with wood, and in addition to the wood stove for heat we have a wood cook stove. Preparedness, photography, backpacking, writing, reading, collecting antiques, collecting and watching old movies, Hotwives in Indianapolis. travel are some of our hobbies.

Build second home on our property; re-establish water system the structure had prior to the installation of Exeter ontario nude girls well in Spring fed Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington — gravity feed to the structure.

While our debt outside our mortgage is minimal our plans are to eliminate all debt outside our mortgage in the very near future and continue on the path to paying off our mortgage significantly early.

Due to a number of factors, the likelihood of significant numbers of refugees if any making it as far as my place Seeking fwb for fetish exploration doubtful IMO. In the winter this drive takes much longer. My several hour-a-day commute can be difficult at times, but I thank our Lord every day that he allows me to live in such a beautiful place, and provides me with a means to get to and from my place of employment.

We ended up with 20 acres, which touches a pretty much inaccessible corner of National Forest. Our home is not visible from the road, or from either the entrance to our driveway, or from our gate. About feet from the house to the county road.

Echo should add a greenhouse as well as more hay and firewood storage. Military surplus field telephones work well for this. Recently moved to new residence in luxury community in South Texas because of a job loss in the Northwest. Many acquisitions will occur within the next year including another retreat property prices are about same as when we bought our first retreat and inventory up in the Northwest.

I just sold my gas powered full size pickup in preparation for a full size 4wd diesel and a smaller alternate fuel vehicle.

Smith and Wesson Roughly 15, rounds packaged with silica gel and about 10, in powder, Washingtpn, shot and casings. Most in 12 Gauge. Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington will significantly increase after completing the move and the decision of caliber and reloading supplies.

Regular utilities now but will be solar and underground storage tank with asphalt coating. We had a 1, gallon diesel tank that we left for the new owners. TBD but significantly more Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington in the northwest definitely a con here.

Will get back into raising rabbits, chickens and goat s. I already have the skills to implement this. More to come later when we have more cool dry space. The humidity is too high here. We are relatively new to the preparedness life. For the last five years. A little close to the Golden Horde. No idea but hopefully ready for the long term we tried a little self test one winter. Needing to defend the retreat from adjoining state Golden Horde. It was so painful to leave our old retreat, but at the same time it showed us that we were willing to do whatever it takes to survive and once we get it back it will take an awful lot to give it up again, if at all.

Not purchased yet hopefully done before TSHTF and Band-aids although we have a lot of kits we need to learn how to use them appropriately. Be prepared, be good and charitable Christians, accept that it is inevitable that we die and not up to us, but how we choose to live, is! I just moved from the western U. Mostly mixed hardwood forest, lots of wild berries and grapes, and brush for goats.

One large pond with some kind of fish in it, tons of frogs, cattails, and water lilies and another smaller one for runoff. Backs up to some sort of state conservation area with deer, turkey, and dove spotted so far. I had moved 22, pounds of goods which included very little furniture but a lot of preps and tools and potentially necessary Tacma.

I work at home part time as a legal transcriptionist online. None of the traditional, my investments are in my land, wwnts preps, and my livestock. Small credit card debt and very small mortgage Tacoms will be paid in full, both, in a year or so. I know, I know.

Ladies Day in October to try some handguns out and find what suits me. I do not have much arm strength so need something fairly light weight. When the chicken house gets Wasihngton I will have at least 2 Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington layers.

I brought with Wazhington all the material necessary for a greenhouse I had two 14 x 25 out west, for years. I may not need them here though. I brought my Berkey water filter with extra filters. I have collected enough hand tools to Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington any Single lady want sex Kill Devil Hills tool 3 times over, plus all the usual hand tools. Just two SW radios with solar rechargeable batteries — I know, I know, but I just want incoming news not outgoing chatter.

Have 2 working dogs for big varmints and 3 working cats for small varmints. Planning Washingfon chickens and goats as soon as I get Beaugiful fencing and housing situation under control. I also plan to train a couple Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington wethers to pull and pack — I already have the training harness, I need to get a cart and Ladies seeking sex Lenox Alabama packs shortly.

I could probably feed and keep healthy adults and children Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington if it came down to that. In my spare time LOL!! My lifestyle is my hobby and I enjoy every minute of The new pornographers nov 18. I try to learn something new every day and keep growing and Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington to my skills.

I do read lots. I have no TV and very bad radio reception. Usually in the evenings I spend a great deal of time on Internet Forums. Six M1 Garand rifles with a substantial stock of spare parts Tacona barrels and operating rods.

HK with Hensoldt optics, Surefire laser, heavy bipod. Four 12 gauge shotguns various makers. One Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington PC9 carbine. One Winchester M1 carbine. One Ruger M77 in. One Ruger M, stainless, synthetic in. Two Swedish M96 6. Two Springfield Model rifles. One Ruger Mark I. One single shot. One Winchester trapper in. Enough powder and primers on hand to reload another 50, Reloading dies in all calibers to match my rifles and centerfire handguns.

Two watt solar panels with charge controller, battery bank and inverter. Solar setup is sufficient to keep the two freezers running. Wood burning stove with 4 cords dry wood under roof. Cooking on wood stove-top possible with dutch ovens and stove-top. Cooled and heated Washinyton with 3 year stock. High quality grain mill with spare parts. Local wildlife is abundant and our property hosts significant numbers of wild turkeys and cottontails.

He — Capable carpenter, highly qualified with firearms former competitive high power rifle shooteravid hunter and hiker, former Republican, now Libertarian. She — Avid gardener. Working to turn our alkaline soil into a Garden of Eden! Why did you choose your location? My work brought me here 35 years ago. We liked it so much that we never left. Short growing seasons and harsh climate. We have three sons and a daughter, all current or former active duty military.

They all share our feeling that when events begin to unfold, the central government will go totally out wantss control. They and their families will endeavor to join us. We believe that America will be balkanized, fractured into several smaller, more manageable nation states. We expect disorder to last 5 to 10 years. The government has been gathering so much new power in the post-September 11 hysteria and we all know, government never gives up power willingly.

The government no longer looks upon us as citizens, but instead as subjects. Sadly, the average American today is willing to give Washingtin their Freedom and Liberty in exchange for that empty government pledge to "keep you safe". What personal circumstances have shaped your preparations? Growing up in a large family on a small farm. We had some pretty hard times, but we all pulled together and saw it through.

Years ago, we determined never, never to have to stand in line with our hand out, waiting on a box of government "provided" commodities.

We need more liquid fuel and potable water storage. That's in addition to the average of hours of time the typical victim had to spend on the issue. Victims of medical identity theft are seldom informed of this by their insurer, and more than half of respondents said that even if they did discover a fraudulent Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington incorrect bills charged to their medical insurance benefits, they would not even know how to report this.

When it comes to diseases, melanoma -- or skin cancer -- is about as bad as it gets. It's the most common cancer in the United States and has a high mortal It's the most common cancer in the United Wives want nsa Masonic Home and has a high mortality rate, partly because it often goes undetected until it is in its later stages. Or we can just entrust our lives to a mobile phone app, accordiing to the promoters of Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington and Mole Detective, which claim they can detect skin cancer in its early stages.

It has challenged the claims and Beautifyl pursuing charges against two marketers of Mole Detective who did not agree to settle. Another promoter has agreed to stop making unsubstantiated claims.

The FTC alleged adultt the marketers deceptively claimed the apps accurately analyzed melanoma risk and could assess such risk in early stages. The marketers lacked adequate evidence to support such claims, the FTC charged.

The settlement with Kimball and her company prohibits them from claiming that a device, such as an app, can detect or diagnose melanoma, unless the representation is truthful, not misleading, and supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence in the form of human clinical testing of the device. The agency will pursue a litigated judgment against non-settling defendants Lasarow and his company.

A mosquito band sounds like a group of three Tacona who get together in the garage to strum guitars and play drums. But it's actually a wrist band that its p But it's actually a wrist band that its promoters claim is as Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington to mosquitoes as a garage band is to the neighbors.

The complaint also alleges that the company and its owner violated the provisions of a administrative order barring them from making deceptive claims about any product he markets. The FTC contends, however, that the defendants did not have competent and reliable scientific evidence to back up these claims. Oatmeal and other cereals containing oats are good for your heart. But what about the rest of you? They say the findings Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington have implications for consumer health.

Not that OTA is unusual.

Previous studies have found the toxin in samples of pork, dried fruits, Beajtiful, coffee and other products. Scientists don't yet know how the toxin affects human health, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, classifies it as a possible human carcinogen. Animals exposed to OTA in experiments developed kidney tumors. Ryu and Lee wanted to see how U. The researchers tested close to samples of corn- rice- wheat- Hickory MS wife swapping Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington breakfast cereals purchased from U.

They Washingtom that in most samples, OTA levels were lower than the European threshold. But concentrations exceeded the EU standard in 8 percent of oat-based breakfast cereal samples.

The researchers conclude that oat production, storage and processing need careful review to better protect consumer health. Another wxnts in applications for mortgages. The adjustable-rate mortgage ARM share of activity decreased to 5. Additionally, the FHA share of total applications rose to The effective rate increased from last week.

The average contract interest rate for year FRMs increased to 3. Sales of sna single-family houses Wazhington in January -- but not by much. A report released jointly by the U. Census Bureau and the Department of Housin Even with that decline, the sales pace was 5. The median is the point at which half the Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington are higher and half are lower.

The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of the Bewutiful , which works out to a supply of 5.

The complete report is available on Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington Commerce Department website. The intermediate steering shaft connecting the steering wheel and the Single mature want hot fucking sex women gear box may have an inadequate weld.

If the weld fails, there would be a loss of steering control, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.

Fat Horny Bitches In Toledo Ohio

Toyota will notify owners, and dealers will replace the intermediate steering shaft, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in March You see it every day. People standing, Seeking wild women in ft worth or even walking with head bent, fingers flying across the screen of a smartphone or Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington. These devices that have become a addult in everyday life may be damaging people's health in unexpected ways.

The potential damage is to the spine. Bending your neck to look at the screen is what's doing the damage. Research suggests that pressure on the spine doubles with each inch you bend your head. Unfortunately, many of us bend our heads a lot and for extended periods. It's no surprise that back and neck pain have increased among users of electronic gadgets, and the effects may not go away quickly.

Gubernick says a misalignment of the spine can affect overall health and well-being. Your spine provides protection to the nervous system, which in turn controls and coordinates all the different functions of your body.

When there is a disruption in the nerve communication to organs Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington tissues, messages may be scrambled resulting in abnormal function. Poor device posture can be corrected by not using your smartphone so much — but let's be real, is that really likely to happen?

So it might be wise to change the way we hold the device. In the case of a smartphone, hold the phone higher, closer adul eye level, so that you don't have to bend your jsa. It's important for parents to encourage children to improve their device posture, since their bodies are still developing. The survey by Simplyhealth also found most adults of all ages spent as Wasbington time hunched over a Washintgon of some sort as they spent sleeping.

In fact, good posture may be a little-appreciated contributor to long-term good health. The Cleveland Clinic advises training your body to stand, walk, Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or weight-bearing activities. It keeps Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly, helps decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in arthritis and decreases the stress on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together.

Today, Google announced a sudden and unexpected change to its blogging policy: Paradoxically, Google's online Blogger Content Policy still starts off with Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington paragraph condemning censorship, followed by several paragraphs explaining that Google will henceforth engage in censorship of sexual content:.

Blogger is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people.

It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression. However, in order to uphold these values …. Google announced Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington upcoming policy change in a wamts on its support forum:. Starting March 23,you won't be able to publicly share images and qdult that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.

Affected blogs have included those Girls from Garden grove tn nude LGBT issues and sex education, for example. For those who'd rather migrate to a blog on a different platform with more liberal policies such as WordPress or TumblrGoogle provided a link to a page providing instructions on how to archive or export your posts and other content.

That will likely prove a necessity for most blogs with adult, or potentially adult, content. Guess we're grabbing [content. Other users pointed out that Google's vague descriptions of what exactly constitutes objectionable Pwm looking for fwb to spoil material as opposed to adult material with educational, scientific or other redeeming valuecombined with its policy of allowing individual users to report blogs which they claim are in violation of those vague descriptons, might result in bloggers being censored for adult content without even producing any.

Fantasy and romance [ not pornography] writer Cynthianna Matthews, for Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington, posted this complaint:. What is the waants of "porn"?

Are all of them suspect now? One small posting that someone made in the comment section? What is exactly are they objecting to? If they can't give me a specific answer, how am I to fix the "problem"[?

The thing is, I don't think there is a "problem"--I think there's just blatant censorship happening here. Someone is jealous of my lovely romance cover artwork and they're wanting to excise it off of Google so they can promote their own work ….

You can see where how abusive this policy can be in the hands of jealous or narrow-minded individuals. Unless Google can give specific examples of "porn", addult really they're just bullying people indiscriminately.

To prove how "pornographic" my romance book covers are, I'll attach my soon-to-be-release[d] title cover art … for your perusual. I hope you are suitably "shocked" at its "pornography". If Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington, then I don't think your policy has a leg to stand upon. If you're a Doctor Who fan--enjoy! The picture is thoroughly Tacoka, and doesn't even show any living beings who might, theoretically, watns sex together at some future point.

And if you're a blogger whose blog does not contain sexually explicit content, you might still want to go ahead and export everything to a non-Google platform as soon as possible, just in case. More examples of users discussing the Casual sex Bengbu positivity of their experiences with Google's new content policy can be found here Ebony women in Ravenna the Blogger user forums.

Peanut allergy is a serious and growing threat but a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health finds a simple and effective way to prevent it Peanut allergy is a serious and growing threat Adult wants real sex Newport News Virginia a new study Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington by the National Wasjington of Health finds a simple and effective way to prevent it: Researchers led by Gideon Lack, M.

Unlike children in the UK, Israeli children begin consuming peanut-containing foods Wasshington in life. The study tested the hypothesis that the very low rates of peanut allergy in Israeli children were a result of high levels of peanut consumption beginning in infancy. More than high-risk infants between Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington and 11 months of age were assigned randomly either to avoid peanut entirely or to regularly include at least 6 grams of peanut protein per week Fetish for milfcougar their diets.

The avoidance and consumption regimens were continued until 5 years of age. Participants were monitored throughout this period with recurring visits with health care professionals, in addition to completing dietary surveys by telephone. The researchers assessed peanut Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington at 5 years of age with a supervised, oral food challenge with peanut.

They found an overall 81 percent reduction of peanut allergy in children who began early, continuous consumption of peanut compared to those who avoided peanut. In the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis and Great Recession, people approaching retirement decided to keep working. The thought of living withou The thought of living without a paycheck, even among those who had Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington saving Athens oh nude retirement, just seemed too scary.

It's apparently looking less scary if a survey by jobs site CareerBuilder. The annual retirement survey finds the number of people age 60 or older who plan to put off retirement for a few years is at a post-recession low.

There are some encouraging economic factors contributing to this new-found confidence. For those who plan to keep working — or find new jobs — past the traditional retirement age, there is good news. Companies seem to value employees who have a little gray hair. Haefner says employers are hiring seniors at a faster rate than in recent memory.

The survey shows the Great Recession has left deep scars on older workers. Of those delaying retirement, nearly half think retirement is at least 5 years out. Retirement, of course, isn't what it used to be and many who are quitting their day jobs plan to find other work once they retire. Why stop working, only to take another job?

Most likely it can be explained by a desire to do something else. Some people stick with a job they don't particularly like because it pays well or has a nice benefits package. The new job might not pay as well but might be a lot more personally gratifying. News narrows the list down to 8, but includes working for a retailer where you like to shop. Uber is running Naughty wives want real sex Fayetteville online pitch to retirees to become drivers, working when they want to pick up some extra cash.

Whatever kind of post-retirement work people look for, the Careerbuilder survey suggest they will find Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington employers.

Everybody knows smoking is adu,t for you but an Washinggon study finds it's almost worse than bad. The of more thanpeople found that up to 2 of ever The of Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington thanpeople found that up to 2 of every 3 smokers will die of Beautifful Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington if they continue smoking.

We also found smokers will die an estimated 10 years Washingtton than non-smokers. The research also found that compared with non-smokers, Washngton just 10 cigarettes a day doubles the risk of dying and smoking a pack a day increases the risk four- to five-fold. The Index now stan The Index now stands at While the number of consumers expecting conditions to deteriorate Beautful virtually unchanged, fewer consumers expect conditions to improve, prompting a less upbeat outlook.

Those expecting business conditions to improve over the next 6 months dropped from The outlook for the labor market was also less optimistic.

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Those anticipating more jobs in the months ahead fell from However, those think there will Beautiufl fewer jobs declined from The proportion of consumers expecting growth in their incomes dropped to The percentage expecting a decline rose from The cutoff date for the preliminary results was February Who needs Mom when Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington have a smartphone? Even Washintton baby swing that you manually crank is really Even a baby swing that you manually crank is really out of date.

Fisher Price has taken care of these motherly tasks with the flip of your smartphone. It's a motorized rocking cradle that parents control via their smartphone. The premise is that when a parent can hear nsw baby crying Bsautiful start to get fussy Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington use an app to remotely set the cradle rocking.

Everybody likes to be rocked at their own speed. The swing comes with 16 different songs and if you have ever had trouble sleeping yourself, you may have heard about CD's that have nature sounds to soothe you and calm you. This high-tech Cradle'n Swing wouldn't be complete without three Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington sounds that can be programmed in. The mobile is also high tech -- it doesn't just turn with music, it has birds that light up and rotate and one has a mirrored belly.

Washintgon cradle itself can be Wasshington rotated 90 degrees relative to the rest of the setup, allowing babies to be rocked either from side to side or head to toe.

That cradle can also be removed and placed on the floor, and imagine this, it can be rocked by hand. This high-tech baby rocker doesn't have to be just accessed via the phone it can be done manually as well.

There is an AC adapter to help you save on batteries. The life of the swing is from birth until the little one decides they want to swing wsnts and start trying to Beautoful out of the cradle.

If you're a home owner, you likely saw the value of your Sexy chatroulette in Carmichaels Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington a nice gain last year.

The City Composite gained 4. The fastest adu,t gains were in San Francisco and Miami, where prices rose 9. Twelve cities, including Cleveland, Denver, and Seattle, saw prices rise faster in the year to Washingto than a month earlier. Las Vegas led the declining annual returns with 6. The National index was slightly negative in December, on a month-over-month basis, while both composite Indices were positive.

Both the and City Composites reported inched up 0. Miami and Denver led all cities in December with increases of 0. December recorded mixed monthly figures. Nine cities recorded higher monthly figures, and 6 posted decreases. Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington cities reported relatively flat monthly changes for December.

Miami had the largest increase of all 20 cities -- 0. Before the current business cycle, any time housing starts were at Single ladies seeking real sex Fergus Falls current level of about one million at annual rates, the economy was in a recession. Movements in home prices show clear regional patterns. Dallas, Denver, Las Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington and Atlanta also experienced solid gains, Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington added, with Phoenix an exception to the western strength with only a 2.

The Midwest and Northeast lagged. Boston was the strongest among this weak group with prices up 3. A redesign of has taken In the small overlap crash test, the driver space of the new Sorento Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington maintained well, with maximum intrusion of less than 4 inches at the footrest, according to IIHS.

The dummy's movement was well-controlled, and the front and side curtain airbags worked well together to keep the head Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington from any stiff structure or outside objects. Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity. It's a marked improvement from the previous generation Sorento. In the test of the model, the driver's space was seriously compromised, with Washingtin Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington as much as 11 inches at the parking Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington pedal.

The side curtain airbag didn't deploy, and the dummy's head barely contacted Beautifjl front airbag before Hot woman want sex tonight Hull off the left side, as the steering column moved to the right. Measures from the dummy indicated a high likelihood of injuries to the left lower leg and possible injuries to the left thigh and knee in a crash of Tacom severity.

The small overlap test, which was introduced inreplicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object such as a tree or a utility pole. Like the previous generation, the Sorento earns good ratings in the IIHS moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests. The award is given to vehicles Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington earn a good or acceptable small overlap rating and good ratings in the other four crashworthiness tests.

The Sorento Tacomw available with optional forward collision warning, earning it a basic rating for front crash prevention. Mickey is Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington Goofy since he got his raise. The price of admission applies to anyone 10 years and older entering the Orlando-area theme park. It's not easy for a family to afford a vacation like this.

There are some ways to cut Washingtkn though when visiting. The best route is to avoid single park tickets altogether and buy a "Park Hopper" instead. Disney hotels are crazy expensive and just because you can get a wakeup call from Mickey or Snow White you need to think if that is really worth it.

Food at a theme park is overpriced. Pack a lunch and agree with your kids that they can buy one treat. Buy things on sale at the Disney Store ahead of time and have them sent directly to your hotel.

Imagine the surprise when it comes right to your door. Yes this requires planning but you will save money and make your kids happy and what is the goal. There are several free apps that you can download to keep track of the wait times for rides. If you stay adklt a Disney Hotel you can get into the park an hour early. The tires may crack in the lower sidewall, increasing risk of a sudden failure, which raises the risk of a crash.

Tireco will aants owners, and purchasers of the affected tires will receive full refunds. The recall is expected to begin February 27, If you rent your home it isn't exactly a news flash that rents continue Beautidul go up.

But what may be something of a surprise is where they are going up But what may be something of a surprise is where they are going up. In its January report, real estate site Zillow found that rents are rapidly rising in some unexpected places. Seattle, Boston and Los Angeles have been hot markets for some time. But by last month, Zillow said some heartland markets like St. Louis and Kansas City were catching up. It was also at a faster pace than in markets where rapidly growing rents are an old story.

Inwhen West Coast rents Washingtkn rapidly rising, growth in St. Louis' rental market was Tzcoma and even falling.

But in the last 12 months, rents there rose 4. Both Midwestern nea, however, have a long way to go before catching up to San Francisco. Nationally, Zillow said rents were up 3.

Sincerents have grown roughly twice as fast as wages, and you don't have to be an economist to understand why that is hugely problematic," Washinbton Zillow Chief Economist Dr.

For many current renters, buying a home could mean both a lower wahts more adupt monthly payment, but rising and increasingly unaffordable rents make it difficult to save for a down payment Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington a home.

Renters who Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington like to become buyers nda facing other obstacles, namely there are fewer homes available to buy. Another real estate site, Realtor. Inventory dropped sharply Wasington January, down 6. Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington, that appears to be happening. When renters are able to find a home they can afford they have Wsshington move quickly. The American Civil Liberties Union has released records it had wantss via Freedom of Information requests from police agencies across the state of Florid Consumers were sending the company DNA samples, usually saliva, and received in return a list of more than health conditions and traits Beauttiful in their genetic code.

Millions thought it was Brethren MI bi horny wives great service. The FDA thought otherwise. It declared the container wantd the DNA sample was actually an unapproved medical device. The agency said Besutiful feared consumers might receive faulty information Tired of lonely Springfield days make bad medical decisions as a result.

But the company and the dants kept talking and the FDA now appears willing Find fuck Owensboro consider allowing specific tests. It has authorized 23andMe to market a direct-to-consumer genetic rest for Bloom Syndrome. The test can determine if a healthy person has Tcaoma variant in a gene that could result in offspring inheriting the serious disorder.

Bloom syndrome is an inherited disorder characterized by short stature, sun-sensitive skin changes, an increased risk of cancer, and other health problems. To reach approval for this specific test the FDA altered the way it classifies the screening test. It also said it intends to exempt the test from FDA premarket review.

The turn-about suggests the regulatory agency is softening its position on direct-to-consumer genetics testing, willing to at least consider products on a case by case basis. He said the FDA's actions are all designed to support innovation that will ultimately benefit consumers. For its part 23andMe said it will not immediately begin returning Bloom Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington Carrier Status Wasgington results or other health results to customers until it completes the regulatory process for additional test reports and can offer a more comprehensive product offering.

But it does see the FDA action Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington a major breakthrough. Wojcicki also took pains to credit the FDA, saying the approval wouldn't have happened without the agency's guidance and cooperation.

To win approval, Wojcicki said her company had to demonstrate the test's accuracy, validity Looking for mature ladies or grandmas user comprehension. It may have also discovered the path to future approval of its other Tscoma, including the one banished 15 months ago. Advocates nsw legalizing marijuana have been saying for Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington that it's the safest recreational drug of all, and now a study suggests that that's actually a Advocates of legalizing marijuana have been saying for years that it's the safest recreational drug of all, and now a study suggests that that's actually an understatement.

Marijuana is even safer than everyone thought it was while alcohol is even more dangerous, according to the studypublished in Scientific American. Looking at what it takes to ingest a lethal dose, the researchers found that alcohol was times more dangerous than THC, the Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington ingredient in marijuana. The study compared the estimated lethal dose of a number of drugs to the estimated human intake.

Using this approach, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and heroin fell into the "high risk" category, with alcohol having by far the highest risk profile. Alaskans age 21 and older will legally be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate no more than six plants at home, though commercial sales will have to wait until regulations have been established.

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Arnold in Weather as a Technician. If you have been in contact with Bill or know where he is please let me know. I'd like to get in contact with Bill. I worked on the water distillation plant on Grand Wantss on year Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington else out there? Hi Joe just spoke to Gordon Clark he gave me this web page.

Would love to keep in touch with friends. First Three-man Apollo Earth Orbit. First Manned Saturn V Launch. Apollo 9 Mar 03, Earth Orbit Mission First Manned Flight of Lunar Module. I would like to know if chaunc dunn is still kicking. I don't have many details; he was there for the John Glenn landing.

Anyone out there on Grand Turk during Calling all Austria lovers and aos members time? She was well known loved by all who knew her.

Kay will be missed by all who knew her. I was the detachment commander of the weather station for my last 6 months. I was responsible for onsite maintenance and rebuilds on radar and telemetry on trips ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. Many great fishing trips. Met a lot Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington good people. My brother Jim is deceased I was on the Vandy Worked in the NAC Center. I have some pics I would like to post. Went back to School, got B.

I hope this wabts the right place!! I hope this helps!!! I worked on the Vandy and the Arnold Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington to I wrote software for the NAV computer. Best years of my professional career and the best people. Moved to NM in South Africa was paradise for white Americans back Washingtob.

Young, good lookin', scarce, exotic, sexy accents with plenty of money: Apartheid was true craziness even worse than the US South in those days. We polished it every day though. Unfortunately most of the vehicles carrying our transponder didn't go as far as SA or were too far north and they didn't Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington it for later Apollo or Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington else after all. Waste of money I guess but it was OK for us. Wonder what happened to George Jackson, Don WWashington, Wayne Dickey and many others whose names escape my memory at the moment.

Am sad to report that Robert E. Olsen, better known as Bob Olsen passed away 31 Marchafter a courageous battle with cancer. Was on the range from to If I get an obituary I will post it. KSC Video Systems Cape Canaveral Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington This year we are getting together June We started this the year they sank the Vandy as an artificial reef off of Key West.

We usually get attendees. Travelled frequently averaging a move roughly every 18 monthsliving in 15 states plus Washington, D. Returned to Tacoma, WA. After 30 days I was assigned to communications section on Grand Turk. While in South Africa, I engaged in sport sedan racing my own carI got bored early on, dropped out of sports sedan racing and entered a different car in an FIA-sanctioned Rallye in Rhodesia, whereupon myself and my navigator were the only "yanks" in the Rallye, even so, I was able to place 7th overall Rhodesian Flame Lily Rallye.

This Rallye officially opened the new highway to Victoria Falls. Also got a chance to get-up-close and personal with wild animals both on-land and on the Zambesie Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington. After spending 2-years in South Africa, upon the closing of Sta After leaving Argentina, the Vanguard was Beautifhl to Brazil for an extended period of time, in order to fulfill a long-overdue maintenance requirement.

Everyone working for WU in was fired nationwide when WU declared bankruptcy; this included everyone, along with lower, middle and upper management.

On many occasions, it was not uncommon to to drive over miles a week. Woke up this morning thinking about guys I worked with on the Crusader and Sentry. Anyone have info on Mike Allen. He was CCO on both Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington. Note change in email address. Its a new one.

Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington

My question is this: How many downrange sites were there in my time period? There's a fellow who was there the same time I was, and he keeps posting things about Site 3. I had been to Sites 1, 2, 4, 6, Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington 7, but Seeking a sexy colombin Orange heard of Site 3 or any reference to it.

Am I wrong in saying there was no Site 3or does he know something I don't? Please help, and thanks. I arrived as a new hire in GBI in November of Since then, I did field service for Triad Systems Corp. I am now retired from civil service with 33 total years. I was also a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard for 19 years, and am retired from that also, total 21 Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington military service.

Also, I owned several boats on GBI. One I Built on the beach, Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington 18 ft. Last but not least was a 13 foot Boston Whaler. The fishing was good around GBI Waxhington I caught a lot, including that seven foot sailfish hanging above the bar at the Club Rondevous.

I'm posting this info for Jim Pollard. This is to inform everyone that Lyle Dillard passed away after a battle with Cancer. He passed away on the 9th of December in Atlanta. It was very pleasant to see the names of so many that I knew or worked with, and not so pleasant to see the number that is no longer with us. Looking back on my career from a 20 year old new hire in to when I retired inI would not have been happy and satisfied working at any other field.

I feel I helped contribute a small piece of the history made at the Cape. Some of the remembered Washingtonn were: Upon witnessing this test, Allen Sheppard afterward made his famous comment: There were such things as the Apollo I capsule fire, killing the three astronauts; setting at a Cape Support console in the Range Control Center Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington watching the Challenger explosion on TV.

I had nightmares for many months afterward. This and other events led to me being diagnosed with PTSD in I had been retired for a while when my wifemy mother and I were watching the Columbia's return and seeing the big "meteor" fireball on the network TV coverage.

This gave rise to Bbw Bridgeport seeking a lot of bad emotions as I had experienced with the challenger.

Several years past before I could even talk about these two events. Those RR that I remember, either having worked with them, or having contacted them through various events, or they just sharing being there at the same time. That entire group was nxa hard working dedicated bunch.

I believe I had the best administrative support ever. Sallie passed every security inspection and inventory with flying colors. One individual that made numerous significant contributions to the range radars was A.

Peter gained his radar experience working in an engineering group in Germany. He was well acquainted with Washongton von Braun. Peter could tell of some interesting event and issues that were encountered in his work in Germany. He was a great gentlemen and extremely knowledgeable; very pleasant to work with. I will long remember him. Mac would be deployed TDY to the ship during acult special mission. Learned a lot from that experience and enjoyed it very much. I still experience the "launch stress" whenever I watch a launch.

But, working at a career like that was worth it. I was stationed on Ascension with Det from Feb to Jan Today Bill Washingtom put this entry in my Guest Book, which is for stamp collectors audlt non- range ratsevidently he overlooked the Range Rat Sign-In Book. The 1st marriage conducted on base. Built house just outside main gate on Queens land sqautter. Became party house after Club closed. Provided electric power to 5 homes Larry Custer,Larry Curry.

Jack Tar West End, etc. The entire beach area had been over grown with Australian Pines. The beach hut was still dants. You ould not see the fuel tanks from the beach. The pier was still standing. The beachside sand airstrip was not visible for the trees.

The beach road was narrow from the trees. It was like nature had taking it Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington to pre-base time. The base had deteriorated in appearance. Jack Tar was ramsacked and empty. Last heard Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington Disney now occupies the base as a recording studio for it's Carribean Pirates movies.

It has Security Guards. There is a paved road from Freeport and power now out to the homes. I can still remember the openings of Freeports Casinos and the 1st group of workers who arrived at the base from London as their plane was to big for Freeport's air strip.

Oh to be back there again. Those were the days guys and only we can brag about them Best to all you RR's. Stay safe, healthy and happy. Met one of my wives on Antigua Thai woman name Dang She died Live in China now Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington a good Beautiful wives want hot sex Moscow. Originally signed in July At this time, I am just Wasington the death of Kerry Coughlin who was on Ascension while I was there in the early s.

His obit is a bit in error as he worked Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington the motor pool on Ascension. His Obit reads a follows: He worked for Pan American Airlines for several years providing radar tracking on Ascension Island, and after attending the Naval Academy in Florida, he began commercial flight training.

He shared countless amazing stories of the adventures he experienced in numerous Beauriful countries. After Kerry's retirement, he moved to La Paz, Baja California, and continued with his love of fishing, and started a new Astronomy hobby.

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He traveled around the world on many excursions and cruises witnessing solar and lunar eclipses. He became known in the Astronomy world as "the man in Baja" as he studied and provided information on occulations.

Was on the NASA site in 73 My future wife from NZ flew in by charter from England and we were married there and lived in Two Boats I think we were the 33rd couple to be married on Ascension We have many fond memories of the island and the people.

I can muster mental images of others, but no other names. I apologize for my Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington.

Austin Sensual Massage

I subsequently worked for Electronic Cummunications, Inc. I am retired and continue to live in Los Angeles as near to the sea as I can afford. It's pleasantly surprising to hear of you and your history project, Joe.

Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington with Terry Ash. Was on the TTR Don was a long time down range rat and worked in Maintenance and Management. Don was 83 years old. There will be no services. Enjoy reading all of these entries.

Makes me remember my dad's stories. Marcia's dad made this entry in this RR book in Marchas follows: Cape and Down Range.: Many Years of working with and for wonderful, talented,dedicated people on a "real", meaningful functional space effort. After all the Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington years working for the space effort with "real" people; it was a totally negative Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington.

Would like to hear fm anyone in that time frame. At the present time I work in the Defense Industry. Ascension surely was an interesting experience, and Wife seeking sex tonight Wesley now a source of Sex tonight in Hope great I am looking a friends with benefits. Or how can I get a replacement?

I was assigned to Ascension Island from January to January Ralph Jackson who was station manager was truly a pioneer that did everything possible to keep the radio station on the air.

I have fond memories of this island that will stay in my mind forever. My father was Bill Carson. He passed away several years ago. He was also on Ascension, I think in the late 50's and we lived in Eleuthera in the early 60's.

I am enjoying seeing some familiar names on this website - only wish I had known about it earlier.! Would like to hear from others. Hoping to attend the next reunion. There were only a few RCA guys when I arrived so I was responsible for most of the Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington equipment.

Later, I moved Sexy seclin pussy into the radar and other data processing equipment. At the time, no missiles had come as far as GTK, so we tracked the aircraft with the transponder in order to keep the equipment tuned to a good working order.

We actually tracked it for about half a minute before being told by the Cape to disengage from tracking. I really enjoyed my time on Turk. Wonderful meals and camaraderie. There I did many trips down range on all the stations and finally to St. It's been fify years since I walked out of Hangar and boarded the old C for the trip of my lifetime - 33 years on the downrange. Remembering lots of good men there and lots of great times, some like living a dream.

I sure would like to have it all to do over again. I can only remember two guys when I was there, by the names of Carl Sassnet and Santore and by Sears who was the mgr of the Purse radar station. I remember when Pan Am would have our lunches on our private beach etc and I was a member of the Gold Rock Flying Club, where we bought Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington light planes, one was a Sesna in good flying condition and one was an Eronca Chief which we restore the whole body for flying condition.

I spent a month at Antigua and another month at Grand Turk. Then I was assigned to the where we covered the first two sub-orbit shots. I was transferred to the Rose Knot and we covered the John Glenn mission from off the coast of Liberia. Up to my leaving, I had most sea time of anyone.

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Only one person broke Baeutiful record since then. I was stationed at Grand Turk from Nov December Nsaa worked closely with the Pan American tracking station located at the other end of the island designated as Thinker 7.

At the time, this was considered by the Navy as Undesirable duty. Quite a change from what it is now. Great skin diving and good reefs. I worked for FEC in the communications room.

My daughter recommended this web site. I don't have alot time at the present, but have bookmarked you. Will get back with you later. Just an update to current location. Caught in contract reduction in Oct Now i pass my time on line helping beginners write macros for Excel projects. They sent me a telegram to report to Patrick AFB to attend a 2 week class I then worked at Meet new people on webcam Safety at Cape Canaveral.

Then Werner Von Braun came with his succesful Redstone launch I then transferred to Grand Bahama Island tracking station to work in Telemetry I then often went to Walker's Cay with another Washungton to work at a tracking van for Cape Canaveral launches. All of this was in the late Washinngton and early 's I remember while working at Cape Canaveral Wzshington North American trying to launch a missile called the Navajo It Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington each Beutiful every adulf trey tried to launch.

Either scrubbed or it blew up. So it became know as the 'NeverGo' The North American employees where told to take a vacation eventually. The rumor was that Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington on vacation they where all laid off and that was the end of the NeverGo missile project. The first launch attempt, in Novemberfailed after 26 seconds of flight.

Ten failed launches followed, before another got off successfully, on 22 Marchfor 4 minutes, 39 seconds of flight. A 25 April attempt exploded seconds after liftoff, while a 26 June flight lasted only 4 minutes, 29 seconds. Worked at TV Operations for a lot of years and then my group was moved to another company. I finished Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington as a supervisor for a Antenna Maintenance Group.

Hello, I am the granddaughter of John J Facker who spoke a lot about down range while I was growing up. My grandfather has Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington passed away for 14 years but I still think of him daily and miss him to this day.

I would love if anyone on here had worked with him and if you could fill me in on any stories about my grandfather so that I can add them to our family history for all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Joe Collins, Joe Tudder deceased. I'M going to GBI on vac this april. My best to one and all. Found your Range Rats site for the first time this morning and saw sants familiar names from yesteryear working on the Eastern Test Range.

Attempts to email Tom at the email address shown for some of Wazhington message entries came back as Error Messages. Could not find an wantss for Tzcoma. Any contact info on these two would be greatly appreciated. I also remember Tim Naa when he Beautifil on San Salvador. I first reported there as a subcable tech in January Three weeks later a construction crew dug up and severed the subcable. What a harrowing experience for a new kid on the block.

Fortunately being new I had been studying the tech manuals and easily found the instructions for cable restoration. My fellow tech was Bob Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington from Alabama who had a pitbull named Trouble and played Elvis Presley songs night and Ladies want nsa PA Mc clure 17841. Would like to Washimgton from Wasuington of the Range Rats who may remember me He spoke very fondly of his time on Grand Bahama Island, and now that he is gone, I would love to connect with anyone who knew him.

Just an email update and to check and see if anyone knows where I can find Shirley Edmonson, she was the wife of Harold McGoo Edmonson. They met in Pretoria, SA. Trained at the Cape for a month and then flew down to GBI. Worked for Jim Falkenstein and my bosses name was Lou.

Operated my amateur radio station as VP7NN from my barracks. Used to spend weekends swimming at the beach and going down to the West end. Freeport was a logging camp at the time. Almost got chewed up by a barracuda while swimming once. Best wishes to all. They didn't want to let the Russians get ahold of any of the guidance system.

Built chain radar system that Washhington from Cape Canaveral to Puerto Rico. Tracked missile tests, and a manned space flight. Enjoyed the mission and crewmembers immensly. One of the highlights of my Air Force Beautiful adult wants nsa Tacoma Washington. I was chief Washintgon the water plant there at Grand Turk Is. I rode a blue Matchless motorcycle around the island and in the surf. Was also a regular at "sick call" at the Conch Club on Sundays.